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mystery Waters


Mystery Waters is an underwater exploration puzzle PC Game with a story that unfolds far away in the ocean’s depths 

You start the game on a yacht with your friends and they tell you clues about hidden treasures. For each relic found underwater you get money, which is used to upgrade your equipment.

Areas of expertise

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Game development



3D modelling and animation

simple to fotorealistic






AI tools

Optimizing workflows with AI

SolutionsInteractive manuals

We have created a user-friendly platform that offers step-by-step video tutorials to help customers navigate the setup process of a companies products with ease.

Help customers easily understand and set up complex wiring systems of your array of products, with custom how to animations.

We are making a boardgame!


Mostly legal marketing is an educative strategic game, where the goal is to recruit enough schmucks, use them to build a successful pyramid network and make money.

With MLM you can try the other side of the spectacular world of multilevel money grabbing systems. – You get all the excitement of nagging people on social media, of bluffing your way through a meeting, of selling your useless and expensive products without having to invest your real money.


Coming on


We are making a boardgame!

 The only thing you need is a few Schmollars and you’re good to go and create your very own marketing network, built with the schmucks you chose yourself and who will buy almost anything from you.

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