About us

Connecting ideas and expertise to create unique solutions. 

The A-Team

At Atomnius we gathered a team of experts from various fields to create unique technological solutions for our clients. By assembling a diverse team, we managed to bring together different perspectives to solve problems in the most efficient way. 

Our expertise covers all the bases from programming, graphic design and digital advertising to video production, we can even bring your film ideas come alive with 2D and 3D animation.

Nejc Kupčič

Aljaž Šešo

Luka Veler
CGI animator

Adrian Lorenčič

Žiga Smolinger
Developer & board
game masta


Denis Toš
CGI modeler

Dolores Ivančič

Searching for new challenges

When embarking on a new project path we are focused on transforming ideas into tangible results that are designed to ease people’s lives. We are always on a lookout for new and better ways of doing things and technology is the tool that enables us to do so.

Slovenia based,
but international

Our team is based in Ptuj, which is the oldest town in Slovenia, intertwined with history and our mission is to become an important part of its technological progress, to push the limits and make a worldly impact.

What makes [Atomni]us

The initial idea behind Atomnius was to create a place for us, where we will be able to develop our own projects. After successfully finishing some of the first projects, we decided to continue on this path and share our experience with other people. Because of this we are offering an array of services while always developing new in-house projects.