CG references

Computer graphics that we made for our clients and ourselves.

Roman Camp: Animated film

A short animated movie made for the informing and promotion purposes of the Roman Camp Poetovio.
(Release date: TBA)

Artist: Luka Veler

Subaru BRZ: CG scene

A computer graphics scene featuring a Nissan BRZ in an urban environment.

Artist: Denis Toš

Inovative Location: Architectural visualization

Inovative LocationArchitectural visualization

Architectural visualization of future industrial zones.
Our part: 3D models of the whole industrial zones, mapping and placement, intro animation.

Artists: Denis Toš,
Luka Veler (animation) 
ft. DAMN

House Hrga: Historical landmark presentation

3D house model of a historical landmark presented in a short informative video for marketing purposes.

Artist: Denis Toš
That beautiful velvet voice: Luka Veler

Luke: 3D video game character model

3D video game character in development for our video game (TBA) made from scratch.

Artist: Luka Veler

Green Lake: Landscape presentation

Green Lake is a sports and recreation center offering sports, leisure, entertainment and vacation facilities in one place. We helped them visualize their landscape.

Artist: Denis Toš

CornPOP: Mobile game teaser

A teaser film for our mobile game CornPOP.

Artist: Luka Veler

Mystery Waters: Video game teaser

Teaser for our upcoming video game Mystery Waters (TBA).

Artist: Luka Veler